Photo of M.N. Seeley, Author of A Flicker of Shadows.
About M.N. Seeley:

The author, M.N. Seeley, is a former Illustrator of children’s books and garment designs for major international clothing retailers. He is a professional Art Director, Copywriter, Commercial Artist and Marketing Brand Consultant all rolled into one ( He believes storytelling is the core of every successful creative endevour. He lives in Meaford, Ontario, Canada, where his children have spent years trying to teach him how to throw a football with a decent spiral. To date, they remain unsuccessful and undeterred.

His debut novel, A Flicker Of Shadows, was written almost unintentionally. He began the novel as an excuse to have custom material for a series of illustrations. After completing a few painted illustrations, he discovered that he enjoyed the writing process much more. M.N. Seeley then retooled the initial concept and crafted a mature story.

M.N. Seeley is currently working on his second novel, tentatively titled Cur Dogs. His next book will be a dramatic action story with a space-western quality (light on the science fiction … heavy on the drama).
Meaford, Ontario, Canada.