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Thank you for making your way to the web site of author, M.N. Seeley. His debut novel, A Flicker Of Shadows, will soon be available as an ebook through Kindle eBooks. The launch date is set for January 1st, 2018 (subject to change if something terrible and unforeseen arises). In the meantime, you can find information about the book and M.N. Seeley in the page links.

M.N. Seeley is currently working on his second novel. He invites you to stay tuned for updates on its progress. You can also see samples of his graphic design work at www.theseeleyagency.ca.


A Flicker Of Shadows

Available now on Amazon for Digital Download or Paperback purchase.

Note: Paperback not available through Amazon.ca (No problem, though! It’s available on .com and other regions.)


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“A dark and mysterious tale that holds you with continuous suspense and intrigue.” – Andrew L., Illustrator.

“Against the gothic backdrop of 1890s Romania, A Flicker of Shadows is an atmospheric and cerebral literary work. Author M.N. Seeley has produced a book of sophistication and intelligence.” – Steve M., College Instructor and Artist.

A Flicker of Shadows is an exceptionally descriptive novel. The reader is kept in a state of suspense that challenges their beliefs as the plot unfolds. A highly enjoyable read.” – Nicole K., Teacher.


It begins with Morton.

He wanted more.

The castle has a new owner, of sorts. The squatter is in the great hall, squirming and fidgeting in a stolen parlor chair. Although the seat is plush and expensive, he can not find comfort within it. A howling moan disturbs his focus. Beneath the floor, in the cellar, paces his creation. For the time being, it is contained within the stones; however, Morton knows that the peace is fragile and fleeting. The notion causes him to shift in the chair again. The evil he has created is impatient.

It draws in Murnau.

He wanted proof.

The rifle on the desk before him is old, but it is reliable; at least that is what he has convinced himself of. He knows that he has waited too long, though. The most recent death confirms his fecklessness. Psychic messages from his sister bolsters his resolve, but he is terrified of what waits for him in the mountain castle. Chief Inspector Murnau observes the coming dawn and hopes the growing light will also add to his courage. The long desired proof of the supernatural awaits him at the mountain castle. He wonders if he will be able to afford the cost.

It knows Onno.

He wanted fame.

He struggles to breathe. There is movement off to his side, but he can not see it. He can not see anything as the darkness presses against him. He howls for light, but only receives echoing shouts from the other patients within the asylum. Onno Brouwer knows he will be taken to see the doctor again to face more questions about perceived supernatural events. Supernatural things are a specialty of Onno Brouwer’s. He was, or may still be, a con artist; however, within the walls of Kayeross Lunatic Asylum he’s just another madman with an unbelievable story to tell.