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Thank you for making your way to the web site of author, M.N. Seeley. His novel, A Flicker Of Shadows, is available exclusively on Amazon. To purchase a Paperback copy, visit Amazon.com. The eBook is also available there. Or, visit Amazon.ca for eBook pricing for Canadians. To view the teaser trailer for A Flicker of Shadows, click HERE. More information about the book and its author are in the page links.

M.N. Seeley is currently working on his second novel. He invites you to stay tuned for updates on its progress. You can also see samples of his graphic design work at www.theseeleyagency.ca.


A Flicker Of Shadows

Available now on Amazon as an eBook or Paperback.

Note: Paperback not available through Amazon.ca (No problem, though! It’s available on .com and other regions.)


Reviews for A Flicker Of Shadows


“Five gothic stars for this one!*****” and “There can be little doubt that A Flicker of Shadows is a piece of top quality literary fiction.” – Leonard Tillerman (www.leonardtillerman.com). To read the full review, click HERE.

“5 stars for the writing, 4 stars for the story” and “Overall, this is some of the most beautiful writing I have read.” – Alison Haines (www.alisonhaines.ca). To read the full review, click HERE.

“A dark and mysterious tale that holds you with continuous suspense and intrigue.” – Andrew L., Illustrator.

“Against the gothic backdrop of 1890s Romania, A Flicker of Shadows is an atmospheric and cerebral literary work. Author M.N. Seeley has produced a book of sophistication and intelligence.” – Steve M., College Instructor and Artist.

“A Flicker of Shadows is an exceptionally descriptive novel. The reader is kept in a state of suspense that challenges their beliefs as the plot unfolds. A highly enjoyable read.” – Nicole K., Teacher.